Comparison of Casio Camera

Believe it or not, Casio was responsible for introducing the world’s first digital camera, the ‘ultra slim’ concept, and its current Elixim range continues to stun consumers with their dozens of amazing features.

What is Casio?

Casio is a Japanese based electronic manufacturing company that specializes in a wide range of electronic products such as watches, calculators, and cameras. Established in 1946, and headquartered in Tokyo, Casio is one of the leading producers of digital cameras in the world. It launched its first digital camera, the QV-10, in 1995.

Casio cameras

As stated earlier, the Elixim range of cameras from Casio is by far the most popular and high-in-demand series of cameras by the public. The Elixim series is divided into five separate and unique ranges, each having their own distinct set of features. The ‘S’ series consists of the ultra slim cameras, the ‘Z’ series consists of the basic zoom cameras, the ‘H’ series consists of the high zoom cameras, the ‘F’ series consists of the ultra-high speed cameras, and the ‘G’ series consists of the shock and water proof cameras. All come with metal bodies, and different features. FotoZZoom, Malaysian’s online photography store will satisfy all your Casio camera needs.

Comparison of Casio cameras

Lets us now compare two or three Casio cameras from the top performing ranges of the Elixim series.

The ‘F’ or ultra-high speed series

EX-ZR1200 and EX-TR150

The EX-ZR1200 comes with 16.1 megapixels, 48.9 MB memory, optical and digital zoom, and weighs 256 grams. It’s great for taking any kinds of photos and video filming. The EX-TR150 comes with 12.1 megapixels, 34.9 MB memory, digital zoom, and weighs 157 grams. Extremely compact and perfect for taking indoor and outdoor pictures. Casio ZR cameras are known for their awesome zoom features.

 EX-TR10, EX-TR15, and EX-TR150

All three come with 12.1 megapixels, the EX-TR10 and EX-TR15 have 52.1 MB memory and the EX-TR150 has 34.9 MB memory. The EX-TR10 weighs 170 grams, the EX-TR15 weighs 169 grams, and the EX-TR150 weighs 157 grams.