History of Casio Camera

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History of Casio Company

Casio or the Casio Computer Company Ltd. was founded in April 1946 by a man named Tadao Kashio, an established engineer. Casio is a pioneer in the field of electronics. They manufacture everything from calculators to cameras to watches. Casio’s headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan. Even though Casio is primarily known for its outstanding quality and huge variety of watches, it is also one of the leaders in camera manufacturing. In fact, in 1995, Casio successfully launched the QV-10, which was the first digital camera to be manufactured in the entire world. The QV-10 came with 0.250 megapixels, and included a TFT display of 1.8-inch color. In 2002, Casio launched the EX-S1, the world’s first Exilim digital camera.

Chronological order of history of Casio Cameras

Here is a brief description of the different Casio cameras that were launched in chronological order:

  • March 1995 – The QV-10 – The world’s first digital camera with an LCD monitor.
  • June 2002 – The EX-S1 – The world’s first EXILIM digital camera, supposedly the thinnest in the entire world.
  • February 2008 – The EX-S10 – The smallest and thinnest 10.1 megapixel digital camera in the world.
  • March 2008 – The EX-F1 – Casio’s digital camera featuring the world’s fastest burst shooting performance.

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Why Casio?

Of all the Casio digital cameras, the EX-TR35, or the Casio TR is truly a revolutionary product in the world of cameras. Some of its main and outstanding features are a 12.1 megapixel and single focus lens, a 3 inch LCD screen, and a 21mm wide-angle lens. The Elixim EX-ZR1000 or the Casio ZR is another great camera from Casio specializing in high-speed photography. Visit the Malaysian online photography store FotoZZoom today for all your Casio camera requirements.