Types of Casio Camera

Types of Casio Cameras

Casio Computer Company Limited is one of the world’s largest electronic manufacturing companies that specializes in the production of calculators, cell phones, musical instruments, watches, and cameras as well. It is a Japanese company with its headquarters located in Tokyo, Japan. It was established in 1946 by a renowned engineer named Tadao Kashio.

Casio cameras

Although Casio Company may not be primarily known for its cameras, it has manufactured and launched some of the best digital cameras available in the electronics market today. The first ever camera that Casio launched was the QV-10 in 1995, which was the world’s first digital camera. In 2002, Casio made a breakthrough by launching its own brand of digital cameras called Elixim. Outstanding performance, high resolution pictures, and tons of other amazing features are what you’ll find in a Casio Camera. Malaysia’s online store for photographic equipment called FotoZZoom is sure to have any Casio camera of your desire.

Different types of Casio Cameras

Here is a brief description of the top performing models of Casio digital cameras:

The Elixim series

Of all the Casio cameras, the Elixim series is by far the most popular series. Their notably lightweight, sleek, compact, and paper-thin design is what makes these little wonders so desirable. An Elixim camera is approximately 10-15 millimeters thick, which is considerably much thinner compared to competitor’s models, which are 25-35 millimeters thick.

The Elixim Card series are the thinnest and most compact models. They are as thin as a credit card, hence the name. They come with digital and optical zoom features, and allow the photographer to zoom into the most distant and far off images. These cameras are great for clicking casual pictures anywhere and are perfect to carry around in your pocket.

The Elixim Zoom series has all the features, including optical zoom and video photography.

The Elixim Professional series is the most advanced line of digital cameras, with the highest quality of optical zoom. The EX-Z1200 uses MPEG-4 video for high-quality video compression. The EX-FC100 and EX-FS10 allow high-speed photography and allow you to take up to 30 pictures per second, and shoot videos up to 1000 frames per second.  The EX-FH20 offers bursts of 40 pictures per second and 1000 frame/s video, and the EX-F1 offers bursts of 60 pictures per second and video of 1200 frame/s.

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Casio Exilim EX-Z1000