Photo Captured with Samsung Camera

There are numerous Samsung cameras in the market, each of them ideal for a different type of photography. Samsung places a lot of emphasis on manufacturing cameras for inexperienced photographers. Their easy to use cameras are often used for a variety of different photography as they have limited functions. However there are a number of different Samsung cameras that can be used for a particular type of photography.

Samsung cameras for portraits

The Samsung GC100 Galaxy is an ideal camera for capturing portraits. It is extremely light and easy to use and with a 16.3 Megapixel image resolution, it is a perfect fit. It has a 4.8 inch LCD screen that makes image viewing and editing very easy. Equipped with a pop up Xenon flash and a 23 mm wide angle lens it enhances image quality and captures the tiniest detail in your subject.


Samsung cameras for sports and action

When shooting a sporting  event or an action shot where there is a lot of quick movement, it is ideal to get a Samsung camera with a high range optical zoom. The Samsung WB850F SMART camera is an ideal camera for shooting in such situations. It has a 21x optical zoom 16.2 megapixel CMOS sensor that helps bring the action dramatically close. You can easily capture a moving player from across the field with this camera. For more details about Samsung cameras, visit FotoZZoom today.


Samsung cameras for macro photography

Macro photography usually entails capturing a close up image of a small object. The Samsung EX2F is a great camera that has macro photography capabilities. It has the capability to focus on an object from 1 cm away which is essential for macro cameras. With a wide aperture and equipped with a wide angled lens, it can capture the tiniest detail in your subject without compromising on image quality. For more information on the Samsung EX2F, visit us at FotoZZoom today.