Types of Samsung Camera

There are many different kinds of Samsung cameras available in the market today. They are all used for a variety of purposes and all of them offer a different set of functions. Using the correct camera in the relevant situation will give you the best image in terms of quality. Samsung’s cameras range from point and shoot cameras that are ideal for inexperienced photographers who just want to shoot every day images to professional photographers who have a specific type of photography in mind.

Cameras from Samsung

There are a number of notable cameras that Samsung has released over the years. Some of them include:

1) Samsung NX200- This camera is a 20.3 effective megapixel mirror less interchangeable lens digital camera. It is an ideal camera for shooting wide angled images of landscapes and even shots of large buildings and other architectural images. The panorama function enables you to capture a large area in to one image. To know more about the Samsung NX200, visit FotoZZoom today.

2) Samsung Galaxy EK GC100 Camera- One of the latest cameras launched by Samsung, it runs on Androids 4.1 Jelly Bean Operating System. It has 23mm  wide angled lens and the fact that you can view, share and even edit photographs on the device makes it the ideal travel camera.

3) Samsung GX-10- This DSLR is a great camera to those who are interested in professional photography. It is dust and moisture resistant and equipped with a 2.5 inch LCD display, it is a great entry level camera for professional photography. With shutter speeds ranging from 30 to 1/4000 of a second, you can shoot in a variety of lighting conditions.

Buying Samsung cameras from the right vendor

When buying a Samsung camera, it is essential to buy the product from a licensed vendor. There are numerous fake products flooding the market in what is known as the ‘gray market.’ While these products might be cheaper, they come with a limited warranty and also are of a lower quality than the genuine Samsung products. For more information regarding genuine Samsung camera, visit FotoZZoom today.