History of Sony Lenses

Sony first entered the DSLR market in July 2005 when it began a joint venture with Konica Minolta. This joint venture lead to an updated line of Sony DSLR lenses being introduced in to the market. Over the next few years, Sony become one of the fastest growing companies in the DSLR market and as of 2008, became the third largest DSLR Company in the world. In May 2009, Sony introduced its A-mount lens which is one of the best selling Sony lenses in the market.

High quality lenses

Sony has consistently produced high quality lenses over the past few years. The ‘Alpha’ series was designed using some of highest quality mechatronic technologies available. All of these lenses had an in built image stabilisation feature that helped enhance the image quality. Sony’s A-mount lenses focused a lot on colour reproduction and maintain a good level of colour saturation making them ideal for portrait and landscape photography. Sony lenses have taken a lot of their design ideas from the old Minolta lenses and have simply upgraded the features in their new lenses. For more information about Sony lenses visit FotoZZoom today.

Notable Sony lenses

There are a number of notable Sony lenses that have been released in to the market over the past few years. Some of them include:

1) Sony SAL-50F14 Lens- Ideal for portraits and for photographing events such as weddings. This lens delivers a stunning image clarity even in low light situations,

2) Sony SAL-300mm F/2.8 APO G SSM Lens- This lens is a great telephoto lens with a fast autofocus mechanism. Great for sports and wildlife photography, it has a fast 2.8 aperture.

3) Sony SAL- 11-18mm f/4.5-5.6 DT Lens- This lens is a wide angled lens that can be used for capturing sweeping landscapes and even architectural photographs. The quick auto focus mechanism is ideal from switching from ultra-wide angled to a wide angled view.

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