Photo Captured with Sony Lens

Each different type of photography has a different lens that is ideal for it. There are many different kinds of Sony Lenses, all of which have a specific use. Choosing the correct lens for a specific type of photography will produce the best possible results in terms of image quality.

Sony lenses for travel and landscape

The ideal Sony lens for travel and landscape photographs is one that is easy to carry and resistant to dust and moisture. The zoom range must be mid-range allowing you to capture a variety of images without having to constantly change the lens.


Sony lenses for people and events

When trying to shoot people or events you should look for a Sony lens that is of a mid range zoom and also has image stabilization. Sony’s FE 28-70 mm F3.5-5.6 OSS is an ideal lens for portraits and for events such as weddings.


Sony Lenses for sports and action

While shooting sports and action shots it is essential to have a telephoto lens that allows you to take photographs from long distances away. For shooting fast moving objects, a lens with a quick focus time is invaluable. Sony’s lenses with a SSM focusing motor is the deal lens for shooting sports and action shots.  


Sony macro lenses

A macro lens is used for capturing close-ups of small objects. A typical Sony macro lens will have a focal length of about 100mm which can capture the tiniest of details of the subject. Sony's DT 30mm f2.8 is a Macro lens that offers a 1:1 life sized reproduction ratio which is ideal for getting up close and personal with your subject. For information regarding macro Sony lenses visit FotoZZoom today.


Special lenses from Sony

Special lenses such as a wide angled lens are ideal for capturing panoramic landscapes and even architectural photographs. Most Sony Lenses which offer a wide angled perspective have a focal length of about 30mm which make them ideal for fitting in large areas in to one single image. Sony's DT 11-18mm is an ultra-wide angled lens that offers a bright aperture for capturing all the brilliant details in your image. For more information about Sony Lenses, visit FotoZZoom in Malaysia today.